For all you Android users that haven't had a chance yet to play with Cinemagram, the free app is now available through Google Play

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Previously available only for iOS, Cinemagram makes it easy to convert short videos into animated GIFs, with simple tools that also allow you to freeze portions of the action to create interesting effects. Similar to Vine or Gifboom, a social networking component lets you share your "cines" and check out others', but with a little creativity Cinemagram takes your videos beyond a repeating loop and into a more magical realm. 

While the adorable rotating Android figure above was a perfect way to tell the story today, advanced Cinemagram users produce some amazing examples of what the app can really accomplish, making only shadows move while the subjects stay static or just a portion of a image seem to blow in the breeze while the rest of the scene is still.

Check out Cinemagram's website for some inspiring examples.