With the Hasselblad 100c 100MP back delayed by the after effects of the Japanese earthquake the company has introduced a trade-up deal for photographers who want to get their hands on the new H6D medium format body sooner rather than later. The deal allows photographers to buy the camera with the 50c 50MP back now and then trade-up without financial penalty later when the higher resolution back becomes available.

Those trading up will only have to pay the difference in recommended sales price between the two backs, so Hasselblad will effectively take the 50c back for the same amount that was paid for it. This means those who are waiting for the 100c to become available before buying the H6D can start using the new, improved camera now.

The sensor used in the 100c back is made by Sony at its plant in the Kumamoto region of Japan. The factory was badly damaged in the recent earthquakes and is only just getting production underway now, so there will be quite a delay before Hasselblad can get its 100c into the stores. The sensor in the 50c back is also made by Sony, but as it has been in production for longer the company had a stock-pile before the earthquakes struck.

For more information visit the Hasselblad website.

Press release:

H6D-50c to H6D-100c Trade-Up Promotion

Purchase the H6D-50c now and trade-up to the H6D-100c for the difference in price!

The H6D has become an instant success with orders received worldwide and has far exceeded our expectations. The engaging media coverage and encouraging comments from our current and new users has been phenomenal!

Unfortunately due to the recent devastating earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan, the suppliers of some components, including the 100MP sensor, have been affected.
To get the H6D into the hands of eager customers Hasselblad are offering a fantastic H6D-50c Trade-Up promotion.

Purchase the all new H6D-50c at the standard price and you will have the option to trade-up that camera to the H6D-100c for the difference in the recommended sales price (MRSP).

The H6D has a brand new electronic platform boasting super-fast image processing and faster shooting rates that can be sustained for longer than ever before. The 100MP option, delivers unmatched image quality and the ability to resolve the finest detail with all our HC & HCD lenses.

This unique offer of getting started with our all new H6D-50c applies to both new and previous H6D-50c customers, and will be valid until 31st October 2016.