If a genuine Leica camera is too rich for your wallet blood, this might be your next best option. It’s a wooden Leica M3 replica camera from Leica Rumors that will set you back just $89 — less than a third of most Leica lens hoods retail for.

This first batch, which includes only ‘a few’ units, is a test run to gauge interest. If these first units, each of which has its own unique markings and grain due to the handmade nature of the replicas, sells out quickly enough, the wooden replicas will become a permanent item in the Leica Rumors online shop.

Based on the initial product images, the M3 replicas are nearly identical to their functioning counterparts, down to the winder, dials and buttons. There’s even a wooden lens attached the the camera. Based on the scalloped focus ring and shape of the wooden lens, it almost appears to be a Voigtlander 50mm Nokton lens from decades ago, but Leica Rumors doesn’t specify what lens it’s supposed to be.

According to the specifications, the wooden M3 replicas measure 14.6cm (5.7) wide, 7.6cm (3”) tall, 8.3cm (3.3”) deep and weighs 170g (6oz). There’s no information on precisely how many are available, but you can pick one up while they last on the Leica Rumors online store for $89.