Swiss camera and lens manufacturer Alpa has launched ALPA HXD, a new adapter for mounting Alpa lenses on Hasselblad X-mount cameras.

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An interesting feature of the adapter is that in addition to mounting individual Alpa lenses onto Hasselblad X1D camera bodies, you can also mount an X1D directly onto the back of an entire Alpa camera module, effectively turning the X1D into a digital back for Alpa camera systems.

The adapter works with Alpa and Rodenstock SB17 and SB34 lenses with focal lengths between 32mm and 180mm. Longer focal length SB34 lenses can also be used if you stitch multiple photos together in post-production, but Alpa says to check the online compatibility guide.

Alpa notes 'lenses for Hasselblad V, Pentax 67 and those with PL mount can be attached via the respective ALPA lens modules' as well. Below is a gallery of images captured with various Alpa/Rodenstock lenses and camera modules attached to a Hasselblad X1D via the adapter:

Shooting can be done in full manual mode, as expected, but Alpa specifically mentions the ability to use the Hasselblad X1D's aperture priority mode for 'comfortable and easy' shooting. Alpa also emphasizes how the electronic viewfinder on the Hasselblad X1D makes it easy to focus with its focus peaking function.

The Alpa HXD is priced at CHF 759.00, which comes out to roughly USD $762 at the current exchange rate. You can find more information and order an adapter on Alpa's website.