Fotodiox has announced the release of its new Canon EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion adapter, which offers complete electronic control and communication between the lens and the camera it’s attached to.

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The adapter works with both EF and EF-S lenses and converts them to L-Mount mirrorless cameras. It features an all-metal design with chrome-plated brass mounts and features a built-in Micro USB for updating the firmware of the adapter.

Fotodiox uses its ‘Fusion’ technology to add complete electronic communication and control between the lens and camera body, including autofocus, aperture control and image stabilization. EXIF and aperture data is also transmitted between the lens and camera. In the event you're using a manual lens, the 'Fn' button on the adapter can be pressed to turn off all electronic communication between the lens and camera body.

Fotodiox notes continuous AF and video AF aren't currently supported due to 'unsatisfactory' performance, but other autofocus modes should work with minimal issues. It's also pointed out that some third party lenses, such as those from Sigma and Tamron might struggle with autofocus a bit more than first-party lenses.

The adapter is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty, comes packed inside a padded bamboo box and is currently available to purchase for $179.95 (B&H).