Imaging Resource visitors were still able to browse and read articles on Friday, May 5, 2023, but over the weekend, the site went offline without any explanation.

After narrowly avoiding closure in 2019, Imaging Resource unceremoniously ceased publication on May 6, 2023. No statement or additional information was made available for the reason behind the closure. Many readers and the photo community at large first learned of the end of publication only after visits to the website returned an error message.

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Launched in 1998, the same year as DPReview, Imaging Resource became a longstanding rival and friend in the chronicling of digital photography news, reviews and, ultimately, the history of photography over the past 25-ish years.

Like DPReview, Imaging Resource was based in the US and earned a reputation for in-depth reviews and industry news coverage that was rooted in technical knowledge and expertise rather than hype for everything new and shiny. Many of our editors came to know Imaging Resource's team, and the two sites had a mutual respect for each other.

'From the early days of digital photography, Imaging Resource has been one of the most authoritative sources for information about digital cameras,' said DPReview editor Dale Baskin upon learning of the closure. 'Long before joining the team at DPReview, Imaging Resource was one of my go-to sites for camera advice, and I bought more than a few cameras based on Dave Etchell's informative analysis. This is a big hit for camera enthusiasts as well as the camera industry.'

As of Monday, May 8, 2023, Imaging Resource's website had been offline for over two days with no explanation for why the site had been taken down after nearly 25 years.

Over the weekend, Imaging Resource was taken offline. In place of news and reviews, visitors were greeted by a 'hosting error' message.

In 2019 founder Dave Etchells shared the news the site would be coming to an end, but by March 2020 it had found a new home with Mavador Media. The new owner also operated Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, and Digital Photo Magazine, and Etchells was hopeful that his site had found a new long-term home.

In March 2023, ownership of Imaging Resource was transferred once again when Mavador Media was acquired by BeBop Channel.

We reached out to Imaging Resource's parent companies, Madavor Media and BeBop Channel for comment on the closure. After several hours, and as of press time, we have not received a response. We will update this story should this change.