Capture One has announced its development roadmap for the rest of 2022. Capture One's product suite includes Capture One Pro on desktop, its flagship app, plus Capture One Live and Capture One for iPad. Each piece will work seamlessly with the others, promising a flexible, collaborative workflow across multiple devices. The roadmap is the latest in a series of steps Capture One has taken to be more transparent with its users.

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'It's been a big year for Capture One, and we're looking forward to an even bolder one in 2022,' said Rafael Orta, CEO, Capture One. 'The creative world is changing and so have our goals and the activities around them. I am absolutely delighted to share our progress, position, and plans with the creative community who has been, and continues to be our inspiration.'

Before looking ahead, let's briefly look back at what Capture One has been up to in the past year. Capture One has added Apple silicon support to its software and launched its latest major release, Capture One 22. The newest version of the photo editing application includes many new features, such as HDR Merge and Panorama Stitching. The company also launched Capture One Live, a new way for photographers to collaborate from anywhere.

Speaking of Capture One Pro for desktop, the latest beta version, 15.2, is now live. The Capture One team is focused on improving workflow efficiency, delivering a smoother user experience, and improving onboarding for new users. The team is also continually improving the software's raw conversion performance and tethering performance.

Capture One Live is a remote collaboration platform that allows users to share images from a photoshoot in real-time to any device. You can also collaborate on some editing on the platform. The team is working on making collaboration smoother and improving overall performance.

Capture One for iPad is coming soon. The beta version is on track to release sometime next month. This release will be a major one for Capture One and help bring Capture One on parity with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, which both include iPad versions. Capture One for iPad will provide users with more flexibility.

Capture One will also bring its software to iPhone in 2022, adding another element of versatility to the ecosystem.

'When we look ahead, we aren't aiming to make the most, but to make the best. We envision the amazing new products and all the ways they'll enable photographers and creatives of all types to create their best work, anytime, anywhere. Bringing Capture One to iPad is a critical part of that, and along with Capture One Live–and further out Capture One for iPhone–we are looking to provide photographers with the most powerful ecosystem of creative and collaborative tools. And, further equipped with easy file transferring, they'll be able to pick up where they left off in the creative process across devices. Stick with us on this journey, and we'll keep you involved every step of the way,' said Orta.

For more information on Capture One, visit its website. Capture One 22 is available as a perpetual license or subscription. Perpetual licenses start at $159 for upgrades and $299 for new users. Subscriptions start at $20 per month. You can download a 30-day free trial of the software by clicking here.