A new unofficial app called STG Uploader enables Sony cameras compatible with PlayMemories Camera Apps to upload content directly to Google Photos. Running the application will prompt the user to set up a Wi-Fi access point, after which the user will authorize the app to place an oAuth token on the camera’s SD card, a safer alternative to saving the user’s Google username and password on the camera.

Full instructions on installing the app are located on the Sony-PMCA-RE Github. Once installed and set up, users are presented with a simple screen that shows how many photos are ready to be uploaded to Google Photos and how many have already been uploaded. An upload status bar is provided, as well as an option for erasing the upload database.

According to a user at SonyAlpha Rumors, the app uploads photos in full resolution. Images uploaded directly will appear in Google Photos with the name 'SonyUpload' followed by the date. Note that formatting the SD card will cause the oAuth token to be erased and the app setup process will have to be repeated.

Via: SonyAlpha Rumors