The VelocityClip straps a smartphone to your chest to capture hands-free photos and video.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas can be downright overwhelming with its endless halls overflowing with tech devices, so when you see a man wearing a smartphone like some people carry newborns, it’ll give you a bit of pause.

The VelocityClip—following the lead of life documenting devices like the Memoto—allows users to strap a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera to their chest so they never miss a moment. The chest mount is ideal for athletes who cannot stop to admire the view.

Fitting all iOS devices as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S line, VelocityClip claims their mounts can survive jumps from 50 foot cliffs into rivers, skiing double diamonds and riding a motorcycle at illegally fast speeds.

Along with the $29.99 chest mount, VelocityClip offers a $34.99 gear attachment for helmets and other hard surfaces as well as a $19.99 head strap for avid spelunkers. All styles are available for preorder through VelocityClip’s website.