The personal Views page of Google product manager (and frequent Photosphere creator) Evan Rapoport.

Users of the latest Android phones will be happy to hear that there's a home for the neat but rather difficult to share "Photospheres" they can create with the camera app. Google's new "Views" page collects your spheres in one place, so you don't have to go hunting in your gallery or Google+ profile ever again.

It's a simple but reliable way to share the 360-degree views (or panoramas amounting to a few fewer degrees than that) that are so easy to capture on Android 4.2 devices — or on earlier ones, if you don't mind sideloading the app.

The only catch is you have to upload them through a Google+ account, something almost everyone has but not everyone actually uses for storing their pictures. However, once set up, the Google+ auto-upload feature means your Photospheres will be ready to share without much fuss once you decide to put them out there for general consumption.

Popular public views, spheres and Street View locations will also be shared on the main Views site, which is currently serving up a nice selection of panoramas from all over the world.