Hasselblad is back with another video in its ongoing behind-the-scenes series, ‘Hasselblad’s Home.’ In the inaugural video, titled ‘The Design Philosophy Behind Creating the X System,’ Hasselblad shared an inside look at what went into developing the company’s mirrorless medium format camera. Now, in episode two, Hasselblad shares what’s gone into developing the ergonomics, materials and user interface of the Hasselblad X System.

Hasselblad's factory in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The five-minute video, titled ‘The X System’s Ergonomics, Materials and Hasselblad User Interface’ shares an inside perspective of the decision-making process that went into making some of the most important components of Hasselblad’s X System. In Hasselblad’s own words:

This episode takes a deeper look into what went into creating the X System’s deep grip and the different materials tested for it before choosing the final one, the materials used for the camera itself, button choice and placement, as well as the thoughts behind building the Hasselblad User Interface (HUI).

Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever used a Hasselblad camera, it’s a fascinating video that explains the rationale for the design decisions that are typically confined to within the walls of Hasselblad’s Gothenburg, Sweden operation.