Italian vlogger and designer Breccia, telling his audience to Google Canon G7X Mark III and let him know if they see anything... suspicious.

Last week, much of the photography blogosphere went nuts when a series of "leaked" images purported to show a not-yet-announced Canon G7 X Mark III. The high-res photos immediately spread like wildfire, spurred on to even greater sharability because they seemed to show Canon was planning to put 4K video into the little compact camera.

There's just one problem: they were 100% fake. And now we can be pretty much certain that the creator of the fake images is Italian vlogger and graphic designer Breccia.

Here are the images Breccia "leaked" to the photography press:

We decided not to share the "leaked" images on DPReview, as several members of the staff pointed out that they looked like digital renders with several unlikely design choices... even the font wasn't correct. Sure enough, within 24 hours the photos had been outed as fake, not just because of the unlikely design, but because the "photos" on the LCD screen were grabbed from the Royalty Free photo sharing website Unsplash.

But it wasn't until this morning that Canon Rumors was able to identify Breccia as their creator, pointing to a vlog posted yesterday in which the YouTuber tells his audience to Google "Canon G7X Mark III" and drop him a comment if they see anything "suspicious." That, by itself, isn't exactly iron clad proof, but if you look at the fakes themselves, you'll see he actually signed them:

This isn't the first time Breccia has pulled a fake "leaked photos" stunt like this. According to CR, he was also behind a Google UltraPixel hoax from September of 2017, and a PS4 Slim hoax before that. The leaks are supposed to showcase his skill as a graphic designer, and possibly earn him some work... even if they do simultaneously earn him the ire of (in this case) hopeful Canon shooters.