There are two types of kind-of-clichéd photography challenges that are actually quite inspirational and informative: (1) A great photographer using a cheap camera, and (2) Several top-notch photographers shooting the same thing. This video by portrait shooter Jessica Kobeissi is a great example of the latter.

In the latest episode of her new series "4 photographers shoot the same model," Kobeissi goes up against Joey L, Dani Diamond and Brandon Woelfel to see who can capture the most consistently great portraits of the same model—in this case, Charlotte McKee.

All four photographers get to pick one location and outfit, and the entire group has to shoot each of the scenarios. In practical terms, that means only one of the outfits and locations will be 'familiar' and 'comfortable' for each photographer. Oh, and you only get three minutes to shoot...

To see the final shots from each of the four photographer, check out the video up top. And then scroll down to reveal who shot each photograph:

Outfit 1
J.1 - Brandon
J.2 - Dani
J.3 - Jessica
J.4 - Joey

Outfit 2
D.1 - Jessica
D.2 - Brandon
D.3 - Joey
D.4 - Dani

Outfit 3
JL.1 - Dani
JL.2 - Joey
JL.3 - Brandon
JL.4 - Jessica

Outfit 4
B.1 - Jessica
B.2 - Joey
B.3 - Brandon
B.4 - Dani