Sony Xperia Z3X, Image:

If the images that have surfaced in the Chinese forum are legitimate it appears Sony is working on a phablet targeted at enthusiast photographers. The user who has posted the images claims to have further information about the device and says the photos show the Sony Xperia Z3X which is scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2015.

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The device seems to feature the same glass surfaces and boxy design we already know from the Xperia Z1 and Z2 but sports a massive lens on its back. Despite the typically sleek smartphone design it is apparently possible to attach an external flash unit and viewfinder. 

According to the forum post the Xperia Z3X's Android L OS will be powered by a 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC that is clocked at 2.86 GHz and 4GB of RAM. Images and other files can be stored on 16GB of internal storage. The screen is said to measure 6.14 inches, offers a QHD resolution and uses, a first in Sony smartphones, OLED technology. The camera image sensor is rumored to be Sony's new curved Exmor-RS IMX271SMK sensor unit that will apparently offer a resolution of 22MP, combined with a very fast F1.2 lens. 

It is impossible to know if the information in the forum post is correct and the images might well be the creation of mobile photographer with decent Photoshop skills. On the other hand it would not be a surprise if Sony, after Nokia with the 808 and Lumia 1020 and Samsung with the Galaxy K, is also thinking about launching a device that offers more to enthusiast photographers than its current flagship models. What do you think about the Xperia Z3X? Would you order one?

Sony Xperia Z3X, Image:

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