Director Will Campbell has shared Process, a three-minute short film that dives into the passionate work of Scott Folsom, a photographer Campbell says possess 'a deep well of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to large format, analog photography and development processes.'

Throughout the video, we get an abstracted behind-the-scenes look at how Folsom goes about capturing and processing his slow, methodical work. It's worth noting that despite the emphasis on large format photography in both the description and title of the film, this particular video shows Folsom is using a 612 panorama back on the rear of a 4x5 view camera.

'The modern digital camera allows us to easily shoot hundreds of frames, edit them, and upload our favorites to the internet within minutes,' says Campbell in the video's description. 'This is a very different experience to that of the large format photographer. For them the process is arduous, analog and anything but instant.'