Google Photos adds new AI-powered themed video options

The Google Photos app has been capable of automatically generating themed videos using image recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) for a while now. The feature was originally introduced in 2016 and automatically creates videos from your images for special occasions, such as Mother's Day (see you video above), or by selecting a specific type of photo in your collection—for example selfies.

Now Google has expanded the selection of themed videos that can be created in the Photos mobile app or on the web platform. There are nine themes in all, and the naming is pretty self-explanatory:

  • Mother's Day Movie
  • Father's Day Movie
  • Smiles of 2017
  • Doggie Movie
  • They Grow Up So Fast
  • Meow Movie
  • Selfie Movie
  • Valentine's Day Movie
  • In Loving Memory

To create a video, you have to tap on the Assistant tab in the app and then tap on Movie. Once the theme and the people or pets you'd like to appear in said theme are chosen, algorithms create the video, including background music. You'll receive a notification when everything is finished.

The service is rolling out to most regions today. You can see some more sample videos on the Google Photos Youtube Channel.

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Give us back Picasa!
Google Photos is totally rubbish! It's only a cloud and have only one aim:
making it difficult to manage your photos the old way and getting you into more expensive cost plans :( Apple iCloud is even worse!
And what when Google decides to push a button and you have nothing...?

Mar 1, 2018*

Facebook will sue.

Feb 20, 2018
Mister J

A photographer chum of mine has taken to posting squirrel videos. I guess he'll have to wait awhile before Google can tell tree rats from cats and dogs.

Feb 16, 2018

They put a lot more effort into their main search, but still seem to come up with millions of pages of irrelevant results. Perhaps they only expect anyone to look at the first 5 slides?

Feb 13, 2018

One day, everyone who has outsourced mundane everyday tasks to AI is going to find that they, themselves, have been... outsourced.

Feb 9, 2018
Mark Turney
Mark Turney

Progress and automation are great. But, AI being used to replace intuition, critical thinking and creativity IMHO are not only futile but silly.

Feb 9, 2018
Eric Hensel
Eric Hensel

It's happening now -like it or not.

Feb 12, 2018*
Mark Turney
Mark Turney

AI 👎🏼!!

Feb 9, 2018

Yeah, back to the caves!

Feb 9, 2018

Technology makes us stupid. And AI make us obsolete... Aren't there many movies with a hint to this development... But it's only science-fiction right ;)

Mar 1, 2018
Tungsten Nordstein
Tungsten Nordstein

My mother can spot AI-induced slideshows a mile off.

Feb 8, 2018