The app offers control of 15 groups of flashes with 32 channels to work with.

Chinese flash manufacturer Godox has updated its smartphone app so that it can be used to control the output of all of its wireless X flash units. Originally designed to control the new A1 smartphone flash unit, the newest version of the GodoxPhoto app can now be used with all the company’s X wireless flash units, as well as Godox wireless LED lights.

With accompanying firmware updates for the X1T commander units, it appears that the app sets the power output of the flashes under its command while the X1T transmitter simply gives the order to fire.

In a further update, Godox has made a number of its flash units multi-brand compatible, so that the same unit can be used with a range of X1T controllers and flashguns in commander mode that are designed for brands other than that of that particular flash. For example, the V680 ll N, which was designed as a Nikon compatible flashgun, can now be used with Canon, Sony, Panasonic/Olympus and Fuji cameras when those cameras are fitted with the appropriate X1T controller or a dedicated flash in commander mode.

For more information see the Godox website, or download the app for yourself on the iTunes App Store.