Today, California-based filter manufacturer, PolarPro, known for their premium ND and polarizing filters for cameras, as well as drones, announced the launch of two toolless, ultra-lightweight filter systems – one matte box, Basecamp, and one landscape filter system called Summit – designed to catapult professional creatives to the next skill level.

BaseCamp Ultra-lightweight Matte Box System

A base camp is a pillar of safety, as you head out into the unknown. It’s a haven to take shelter intermittently as battle the elements and push your limits to capture the best possible footage. Camera gear is getting heavier, especially lenses as higher quality optics are implemented. PolarPro designed BaseCamp, the lightest matte box system possible at 438 grams, to alleviate the burden heavier cameras put on operators and gimbals.

Built on the foundation of PolarPro’s Quartzline series, the toolless Variable Neutral Density configuration allows photographers and filmmakers to adapt to any lighting change instantly without having to swap out filters. Its modular design, constructed out of aluminum and carbon fibers, features a removable flag and hood that allows users to customize it to suit their production requirements.

Summit Landscape Filter System

Summit is a new range filter system aimed at photographers. It allows for toolless filter swapping and, like the BaseCamp system, has been designed with a large grip handle to minimize the risk of fingerprints on the filters. Summit filters screw onto the end of your lens and were constructed, with lightweight aluminum, in a fully light-sealed system to prevent light leakage.

PolarPro is offering $100 off the first 300 people who purchase their Summit Landscape Kit, the BaseCamp VND Kit, and their Cores. The BaseCamp VND Kit retails for $799, its Core is $399, Rectangular Filters are $299 each, while Rails Kits come out to $119.99 each. The Summit Landscape Kit will cost you $699, its Core $299.99, both Gradient and Neutral Density Filters $249.99 each, and a Circular Polarizer for either the Matte Box or Filter System costs $150. All can be purchased on PolarPro’s website.