Last year Shuttercase unsuccessfully attempted to collect funding for the original Shuttercase iPhone camera case. Now the company is back with a redesigned version that is called Shuttercase 2.0 and already available for purchase.

The Shuttercase 2.0 is aimed at iPhone photographers and movie makers who prefer the handling of a traditional camera over smartphone ergonomics for image and video capture. The case comes with a mechanical shutter button and a replaceable camera handle with a leatherette effect cover. The handle also contains a 3000mAh battery. In addition the case offers a mount for all current Moment smartphone lenses.

The modular design - lens mount, camera handle with battery, leatherette cover and thumb rest are all removable - allows you to use the battery pack when taking pictures with your iPhone and removing it and other components and leaving them at home for normal smartphone use. It also sets the Shuttercase apart from competitors such as the Pictar camera grip or battery packs from Mophie and others.

The Shuttercase 2.0 with Moment lens mount is now available for several iPhone models on the Shuttercase website for $78.99. An additional battery pack will set you back $28.99.