Swiss lighting manufacturer broncolor has revamped its Scoro E and S studio flash packs to add built-in Wi-Fi functionality that allows users to control them and the heads attached to them via desktop and smartphone applications.

The packs can either create their own network or connect with an existing system so that phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers running the bronControl app can be used to operate the packs. The company says all the features of the packs and the heads can be accessed via the app, and that heads and packs can be dealt with individually or in groups according to the set-up.

The Scoro packs come in 1600 and 3200 J versions, with the S models offering control of three heads and the E models two, and owners of existing E and S packs will be able to have Wi-Fi added via a factory upgrade.

The packs start at $7182.95/£4300+ VAT for the Scoro E 1600 J while the 3200 J version of the S costs $14,458.95/£8655 + VAT. For more information visit the broncolor website and the bronControl app download page.

Press release

The NEW Scoro WiFi - Connected Performance

Thanks to reworked hardware and firmware, the Scoro E and S models now feature built-in WiFi support, enabling the packs to be controlled remotely through not only the existing bronControl app for iOS and Android devices, but also the new desktop versions for Mac OS and Windows computers.

The new desktop version of the software enables photographers to connect their desktop or laptop computers to the Scoro WiFi units, allowing for wireless operation and faster workflow, and it is of course also compatible with all the existing Siros WiFi enabled products.

The Scoro WiFi has functionality for both independent (private mode) and existing local network (enterprise mode) connections, with support for 802.11 b/g/n standards and 'Open', 'WPA' and 'WPA2' encryptions.

Cosmetically, the Scoro WiFi sports a new matt black finish with a soft touch feel to the top control panel.

While the new Scoro E and Scoro S WiFi boasts this exciting new functionality, the prices compared to the respective existing models remains the same, as well as all other functionality/performance.

31.066.12 - Scoro 1600 E WiFi - £4,300 + VAT
31.067.12 - Scoro 3200 E WiFi - £5,825 + VAT
31.046.12 - Scoro 1600 S WiFi - £6,490 + VAT
31.047.12 - Scoro 3200 S WiFi - £8,655 + VAT

The new Scoro WiFi is available now.

Upgrade Possibilities
Existing Scoro E and Scoro S units can be upgraded for WiFi functionality at broncolor's factory in Basel, Switzerland. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade the older Scoro A2/A4 and Scoro A2S/A4S units. Please contact our broncolor Service Department for more details.