Total shipments of digital cameras (DSCs) worldwide for the month of April 2020 (Orange) compared to 2019 (Black) and 2018 (Blue).

Japan’s Camera & Imaging Products Association — better known as CIPA — has released its latest numbers, showing what camera shipments looked like for the major manufacturers through the end of April 2020. As is to be expected in these turbulent times, the numbers are down across the board.

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As a whole, shipments of digital cameras in April 2020 were down to 550,000 units, a decrease of 63.7% year-over-year (YoY) compared to April 2019. Interchangeable lens and built-in-lens camera shipments for April 2020 were at 300,000 units and 252,000 units, respectively, a YoY decrease (compared to April 2019) of 63.7% for both unit types. Further split up, CIPA’s numbers reveal DSLR and mirrorless sales were down 60.8% and 67.0, respectively, YoY for the month of April.

Total shipments of interchangeable lens cameras (both DSLR and mirrorless cameras) worldwide for the month of April 2020 (Orange) compared to 2019 (Black) and 2018 (Blue).

While these decreases are alarming without context, they shouldn’t be surprising considering the current state of the industry (and world as a whole through this COVID-19 pandemic). In addition to slower sales due to COVID-19, the pandemic also all but froze supply chains and production for many camera manufacturers. CIPA’s numbers reveal production for April 2020 was down 56.4% for all digital camera units compared to April 2019.

Nearly every camera manufacturer has made it clear in some form or another that things will get worse before they get better and CIPA’s April numbers further confirm those sentiments. It remains to be seen how much the market recovers as more of the world opens up following the COVID-19 pandemic, but with more countries easing stay-at-home orders and quarantine restrictions, there’s a chance we’ll start to see some semblance of a recovery, even if it takes a few months to show in the numbers.

You can find CIPA’s graph and detailed breakdown on its report page.