Fujifilm Japan has issued an advisory (Japanese) warning customers that counterfeit 35mm film featuring the ‘Fujifilm’ brand has been found on the market. The fraudulent products were discovered when a customer took the counterfeit film to a photo developer in Japan, according to a statement from the company.

Fujifilm warns the counterfeit 35mm film products are packed with ‘movie film’ that can’t be developed using CN-16 and C-41 processes; attempting to develop these products may contaminate the developer, putting other customers’ film at risk. Shops that attempt to develop this counterfeit film are advised to change the developer solution and clean the machine.

It’s unclear how widely the counterfeit film products have been distributed. Fujifilm provides three sample images featuring the non-genuine ‘Fujifilm’ film. In addition to the 250D roll featured in the advisory, Fujifilm says there may be other counterfeit products including 250T and 64D.