Photographer Genna Martin on assignment for Seattle PI.

Columbia Journalism Review recently surveyed a group of photojournalists on their favorite publications to work with based on several criteria, including arguably the biggest one – pay. As a result, they've published an article revealing the day rates for some top publications as well as some insight into other factors, such as balancing a lower day rate with exposure to a wider audience.

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So by the numbers, how do top publications stack up for freelance photographers? CNN comes out on top with the best day rate at $650, though National Geographic is close behind with typical rates between $500-650. Harper's Magazine's rate was hard to pin down but reported rates varied from $500 up to $1000 per day. 

The New York Times' recently boosted rate of $450 per day makes it more competitive with the top-paying outlets, but CJR notes that the photographers they spoke with acknowledged the Times' wider reach and top-notch editorial staff go a ways to compensate for the lower pay. Coming in with the lowest day rate of the bunch is the Washington Post, offering $350. 

Check out the full article at Columbia Journalism Review for some interesting insights on working for these top publications.