Adata has become one of the first companies to support the V90 video speed class with its Premier ONE series of SD cards that guarantee 90MB/s sustained read and write: the key specification for stable video capture.

Fast UHS-II cards already exist, promising around 290MB/s peak write speed, but these are often rated as U3 speed, meaning they don't guarantee to be able to reliably write for extended periods at anything over 30MB/s. This means you're taking a risk if you try to shoot with a camera that writes any faster than this (240 megabits per second).

The V90 speed class, announced in 2016, promises three times that performance, allowing up to 720MBps capture. The latest cards are also some of the first to rely on 3D NAND technology, one of the approaches that will be needed to allow cards to get larger and faster.

Pricing was not available at time of publication.