DxOMark has just published their review of the Sony a7RIII's sensor, and no surprises here: it ties the Nikon D850 as the best full-frame camera they've ever tested with a score of 100. This also makes it the best mirrorless full-frame camera DxOMark has ever tested, besting the former king, the Sony a7R II, which scored a 98.

From the moment Sony debuted the a7R III, it became clear there was only one competitor for this mirrorless beast: The Nikon D850. And as DxO makes clear in their review headline, the D850 has now met "its mirrorless match." In fact, it would be a stretch to call one of the cameras better overall than the other. Here's how their scores break down:

As DxOMark makes clear in its conclusion, which camera you prefer (or should prefer) has to do with your own use case:

Comparing the A7R III sensor to the Nikon D850’s reveals the advantage that the Nikon camera’s lower minimum sensitivity (ISO) value brings. Photographers who predominantly shoot in bright light or capture motionless subjects with the camera on a tripod will record the most information, be it color, tone, or detail with the Nikon D850 set to ISO 32. However, if they require values above that, the Sony A7R III sensor produces marginally better images.

By now it should be obvious why the Sony a7RIII tied with the Nikon D850 for our best camera above $2,000: it's next to impossible to pick one over the other unless you have a specific use case in mind. Check out DxOMark's full review for a deeper dive on this particular camera sensor, and if you want even more you can read our full review as well.