MS Optics, a niche optics manufacturer that operates in the basement of Miyazaki san's Chiba, Japan home, has developed yet another custom lens for Leica M-mount cameras, the Sonnetar 73mm F1.5 FMC.

Inspired by his love for Zeiss' Sonnar lenses, Miyazaki san created this medium telephoto lens with a unique aesthetic and lightweight design that's perfect for portraiture. It's handmade with five elements in four groups and features a multi-coating on every surface for a 97.5% transmission rate.

The lens measures in at 50mm/1.97in in diameter and 56.4mm/2.22in in length, and weighs just 197g/6.95oz. It uses an M49 filter and hood thread size and can focus from infinity to 0.8m/31.5in.

Below are a collection of sample shots graciously provided by Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter, shot with the Sonnetar 73mm F1.5 FMC on his Leica M6 with Japan Camera Hunter's own Streetpan film and scanned with a Canoscan 9000F.

Bellamy Hunt has also shared a few digital images captured with the Sonnetar 73mm F1.5 FMC.

Japan Camera Hunter says the lens is still in development and will be available "from the end of October." As with all MS Optics lenses, numbers are very limited and delivery times are long due to the handmade nature of the lenses.

Japan Camera Hunter is currently selling the Sonnetar 73mm F1.5 FMC for ¥140,000/USD$1,252 and says "this is [effectively] a pre-order for the lens with expected delivery around the middle of November."