German manufacturer Oberwerth, best known for its high-end leather camera accessories and bags, has launched its new Donau line of leather lens pouches. Like other Oberwerth products, the pouches are handmade in Germany from soft cowhide leather. A surface finish provides stain protection and should preserve the natural material's shine for a long time to come. In the interior the pouches are lined with non-pilling wool felt to keep your valuable glass scratch-free. 

The Donau pouches come in sizes S, M, L and XL to accommodate lenses of various dimensions but at a width of 9.5 cm/3.74 in and a diameter of 9 cm/3.54 in even the biggest XL version seems more suitable for a large prime rather than fast tele-zooms lenses. The pouches are available now, starting at $150/€139 for the small size. The XL variant will set you back $214/€199. More information is available on the Oberwerth website.