NiSi Filters has announced a new variable ND filter that, at least according to the company, does not produce the dreaded X-effect at its most extreme settings. The NiSi Filters Pro Nano 1.5-5-stop Enhance ND-Vario offers between 1.5 stops and 5 stop of density variation to allow for moderate long exposures for stills photographers, and reduced light intensity for videographers needing to control apertures.

The ‘density’ of the filter is controlled by turning one polarizer against another, with a geared knob that turns the forward sheet of glass for added accuracy. The company also says that it has avoided the dark X-effect that many variable ND filters suffer from when used at their densest settings, but it doesn’t say how. The filter is said to enhance color too, but at the same time retains a neutral cast. Finally, the new ND comes with a slim-line frame to prevent vignetting when used with wideangle lenses.

The NiSi Filters Pro Nano 1.5-5 Stop Enhance ND-Vario will be available in sizes from 67-95mm. No price has been released yet, but more information can be found in the NiSi Filters website.