FILM Ferrania has announced the ‘rebirth’ of its P30 black and white film, which will be made available soon as a limited 'ALPHA' edition. This 80 ISO panchromatic offering is described by FILM Ferrania as ‘motion picture film for still photography,’ reintroducing the P30 stock first launch by the company in the 1960's. Says Ferrania, P30 ALPHA ‘has no peers in the modern analog film market.’

Ferrania introduced the limited edition product via a tweet yesterday, pointing photographers toward the P30 ALPHA’s product page and a new video (below). According to the company, its pre-production batch of film presents ‘various defects’ like contrast issues and scratches, but these issues will not be present in the finalized commercial film product. 'That said, this film is an ALPHA edition for a clear reason,' the company stressed.

The company has released a gallery of photos taken with the pre-production film on its P30 website. Photographer Adam Goldberg has also published a series of photographs taken with the film on his Tumblr. According to Ferrania, sales of the film will start in mid-February; no prices have been revealed.

Via: PetaPixel