Gitzo has released the details of its upcoming travel tripod, the Gitzo Mini Traveler.

Designed for 'professional photographers and promising amateurs who use mirrorless cameras or DSLR cameras with small lenses,' the Gitzo Mini Traveler is made of Gitzo's 'state-of-the-art' carbon eXact tubes and an aluminum head.

The tripod weighs 265g/0.63lbs and measures 22.1cm/8.7in in length when closed with the tripod head attached. When used with the aluminum tripod head, the tripod holds 3kg/6.6lbs of gear. If you don't mind losing the articulating head, the legs alone hold an impressive 25kg/55lbs of gear.

The legs use Gitzo's patent-pending Pull & Fix leg angle selector system with two built-in leg angles. ' The ergonomic rubberized gear easily locks and controls the strong stainless steel sphere of the aluminum ball head,' according to Gitzo.

The Gitzo Mini Traveler is available in two colors: black and Gitzo's noir decor. Both colors are available for pre-order on B&H for $200. No specific release date has been given.