Japanese light and color meter manufacturer Sekonic has introduced a pair of new ambient and flash light meters to the L-478 series that are dedicated to use with Elinchrom and Phottix flash units. The Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-U-EL is designed to be used with Skyport-equipped Elinchrom heads, while the LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-U-PX is aimed at users of Phottix Indra studio heads, Mitros+ hotshoe flash guns, the Strato and Strato II receivers and the Atlas II transceiver.

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From the new meters Elinchrom users will be able to adjust flash output in 1/10th stops across four lighting groups, and the meter is capable of triggering and measuring individual groups as well as all the flashes as a whole. Photographers using the Phottix system will be able to make adjustments in 1/3rd stop steps, and can trigger individual or collections of groups at one time. Although the meters are primarily intended for wireless radio triggering they also support standard flash cables. 

The LiteMaster Pro L-478 meters use a color touch-screen interface, and are designed to be used for still and motion picture work. These new models include an ISO 850 setting to suit users of the Canon cinema cameras, and have had their filter compensation factor increased from 5EV to 12EV for people using high-value neutral density filters. These features will be added to the current L-478D-U and L-478DR-U (PocketWizard) models via a firmware update in the near future. 

An interesting feature of the series is the ability to store the dynamic range profile of ten camera/lens combinations so that you can ensure that your lighting set-ups don't create burnt-out highlights or blocked shadows. 

The new LiteMaster Pro L-478 meters will cost $400/£400. For more information visit the Sekonic website.