The team behind Astropad, an iOS app that turns your iPad into a graphics tablet for the Mac, has today released Astropad Studio, a premium version of the original Astropad. The new release was specifically designed to work with the iPad Pro and offers better performance and an expanded feature set. 

Astropad Studio can communicate with an Apple Mac computer via a Wi-Fi or USB connection and uses Liquid Extreme, an improved and 5 times faster version of the standard app's Liquid technology which allows for smooth operation of the tablet and image quality that is free of compression artifacts. 

In addition, Astropad Studio supports both Bluetooth and wired keyboards and comes with the new Magic Gestures feature that allows for the creation of gesture shortcuts using touch-Pencil combinations. Sidebar shortcuts automatically adapt to the Mac app you are working with and Stroke Lab lets you adjust the characteristics of your pencil stroke in a variety of ways. 

Astropad Studio will be available as a subscription service for either $64.99 per year or $7.99 per month. This includes syncing of settings across devices and priority support. A 7-day free trial is available for those who are interested in trying the app. More information is available in the video below and on the Astropad Studio website.