Lomography has launched its twelfth Kickstarter campaign with its new Petzval 80.5mm F1.9 MKII Art lens. This 180th Anniversary Edition of the 19th-century portrait lens features 4 elements in 3 groups, F1.9 to F16 aperture, 67mm filter, 0.8m minimum focusing distance, 30-degree FOV and weighs 440g (0.9lbs).

Lomography's new Petzval 80.5mm MKII Art lens sports a stopless aperture diaphragm, Waterhouse Aperture System, helicoid focusing mechanism, and what the company describes as a 'velvety swirly Bokeh' when the shot is wide open. The stopless aperture diaphragm and helicoid focusing mechanism mean users will be able to adjust the f-stop and focus while recording.

The new Petzval offering was designed for use with full-frame cameras but is said to still offer 'great results' with cropped sensors. The Advanced Bokeh Control Edition of the lens will feature a bokeh control ring with seven different bokeh swirl levels; this version of the lens will only be offered in black anodized aluminum.

The Petzval 80.5mm F1.9 MKII Art lens will be made available in Nikon F and Canon EF mounts in black anodized, brass satin and black painted brass colors. Lomography is offering the lens to Kickstarter backers who pledge at least $290. The lens is estimated to start shipping to backers in June.

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