Affinity Photo for iPad has put out a new update that further improves the Photoshop competitor with new features, updated tools and bug fixes.

Serif, the company behind the Affinity suite, also noted there's now more than a quarter of a million people worldwide using Affinity Photo for iPad, following on the heels of Apple's App of the Year accolade it received at WWDC in May 2018.

Affinity Photo version 1.6.9 introduces a long list of changes including 'massively' expanded support for touch gesture control, a tweaked UI designed for more intuitive control and better brush management, a new Export persona for easy exporting of multiple layers and a slew of under-the-hood changes to boost performance.

Below is the full list of features and tools that have been updated in Affinity Photo for iPad:

  • Added support for brush nozzle base texture mode.
  • New Undo/Redo gesture with two and three finger tap.
  • Added drag modifiers to studio icons for color, text, navigator and history.
  • Added canvas rotation control via Navigator Studio.
  • Added swipe gesture to swap primary and secondary colors on the Color Studio
  • Context menu now uses a long-press release gesture to invoke.
  • Added two-finger hold gesture to resize a layer from its centre.
  • During shape creation, a two-finger hold gesture will transform the layer.
  • On the Layers Studio, with a layer selected, a two-finger tap on another layer will select all layers in between.
  • On the Layers Studio, pinch inwards (either vertically or horizontally) to group selected layers. To ungroup, do the opposite and pinch out.
  • With the Move Tool active, a two-finger hold gesture on a layer plus a one finger drag duplicates the selected layer.
  • Easy access to merge and rasterize commands via Layer Studio icons.
  • New Export persona. A new workspace for exporting regions of your image as slices.
  • Improved brush stroke lag and small stroke response.
  • Brushes remember previously used stroke settings.
  • Move any custom brush to any category.
  • Added support for on-screen keyboard trackpad mode.
  • Added Tab key to on-screen keyboard context bar.
  • Updated Persona icons.
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes.

To entice new users, Serif has announced a 30% off sale through 7AM ET on Tuesday, September 18th. Normally, Affinity Photo for iPad retails for $20, but with this discount, you can snag it for $14 in the iOS App Store.

Do note Affinity Photo for iPad only supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017). If you have an older device, it won't run — so don't waste your money.