Pixelmator, the company behind a $30 image editing application for Mac, has just announced a new product called Pixelmator Pro. Though it hasn't yet been revealed how much this software will cost, the company has detailed many of its features, some of them powered by artificial intelligence.

Pixelmator Pro, an editor designed specifically for macOS, taps Apple's Core ML framework to bring machine learning capabilities to certain features including: horizon detection, automatic layer naming, an object-removing repair tool, and a quick selection tool.

The editor itself has a single-window design alongside a 'reimagined editing workflow,' the company explains, saying its app is 'totally and completely' designed for Apple's operating system. Despite the simplicity of its design, Pixelmator Pro is promised to pack a robust array of tools for editing images (including Raw files), digital painting, adjusting colors, adding non-destructive effects, and more.

Speaking to The Verge, Andrius Gailiunas of Pixelmator explained that Pixelmator Pro is designed for use by anyone. "Our goal has always been to create an image editor that absolutely anyone could use and enjoy," says Gailiunas. Because the software is designed for Mac, users will have access to iCloud backups and syncing, support for the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pro laptops, and support for split-screen multitasking.

Pixelmator plans to launch its Pro application this autumn, but hasn't stated the price yet. In that same interview with The Verge, the company said it will price Pro as affordably as possible; however, we presume it will cost more than the $30 they're charging for the regular Pixelmator editor.