Shoulderpod, the Spanish makers of the S1 smartphone camera grip and other high-quality mobile camera accessories, which are particularly popular with mobile journalists and videographers, has converted its offerings into a lego-like modular system by from now on offering all individual parts of existing products separately, allowing users to build exactly the rig they need for a specific project or simply replace a damaged part.

On top of the 4 existing products (G1 Grip, S2 Handle Grip, R2 Pocket Rig and X1 Pro Rig) there are now 9 new parts available for order individually, allowing for attachment of lights, microphones and other accessories:

  • P1 - The Long Plate
  • P2 - The Short Plate
  • H1 - The Handle
  • K1 - The Knob
  • Z1 - The Cold Shoe
  • W1 - The Wrist Strap
  • G1RP - Rubber Pad replacements for G1
  • H1RP - Rubber Pad replacements for H1 and K1
  • U1 - S2 to R2 Upgrade Kit

“Don´t get tied to a fixed solution” - says Enrique Frisancho, Co-Founder at Shoulderpod - “Start small with one of our basic configurations and grow from there with additional accessories. You can use the advantages of modularity also when travelling. Select only the parts you need before every trip and avoid carrying that heavy backpack full of unnecessary gear.” More information and pricing is available on the Shoulderpod website.