Dubble and KONO! have teamed up to launch two new films called Dubblefilm Sunstroke and Dubblefilm Moonstruck. Both varieties are 35mm Kodak film that has been pre-exposed to give photographs unique color effects based on which version of the Dubblefilm that is used. The pre-exposure is performed using KONO!'s Reanimator machine.

KONO! is European company that sells a variety of film products that have been "pre-exposed, produced or reanimated on machines" designed by the company, according to its website. Dubble, meanwhile, is a photo-mixing mobile app that allows users to combine two images to simulate a double exposure effect.

Talking about the new film, Dubble explained in a statement that Dubblefilm is the result of The Reanimator, which "produces a mix of digital and analog film manipulation directly onto 35mm." The Sunstroke film produces an effect that emulates camera light leaks, while Moonstruck adds color tones to photos, the effects of which vary based on shooting conditions.

Dubblefilm is being offered through its own dedicated website, where Moonstruck and Sunstroke are sold individually for €12 each or together for €22 combined. Both varieties are 200 ISO, 24-exposure 35mm film and use the standard C-41 process.