It seems Profoto is preparing to announce a new line of products: an A-series of speedlights. The lighting company is known for its powerful, high-end flashes, monolights, and modifiers, but a product page leak shows Profoto is preparing to target a slightly less high-end user with something called the Profoto A1 Air TTL.

The unofficial Profoto A1 speedlight popped up briefly on a French distributor's website complete with a full description and plenty of product shots to prove that this isn't just some silly rumor. While the page has since been taken down, DIY Photography managed to dig up a cached version (here's the Google translated version) so you can read about the product in full glory.

The unique-looking speedlight features a rounded head with a focusable Fresnel lens for a "softer" effect than your typical speedlight. It will boast 76 watts of power, features TTL capability, and supports High Speed Sync at up to 1/2000th of a second. Inside you'll find a lithium ion battery that's good for 360 full power flashes on a charge, and your recycle time is just 1.2 seconds.

The A1 allegedly comes with three magnetic modifiers that attach to the flash head, and an optional light box can be attached in the same way, as well as a few color filters.

All of this is still unconfirmed, of course, but this is as close to a full announcement leak as we're going to get. The official release will allegedly happen on September 18th, but if you're interested in the Profoto A1 Air TTL we suggest you start saving your pennies now... the flash will supposedly cost somewhere in the range of 990 Euro or about $1,190 USD.