The team behind Russian company FOQUS has launched FOQUS 200, a new 35mm panchromatic black-and-white film described as having a fine grain, strong contrast, and
"pretty good tone range." The film's release was made possible by photography enthusiasts in Moscow, according to FOQUS, though it will ship anywhere with orders already available online.

FOQUS explains that Type-D is made entirely in Russia, and is not a repackaged product from Europe. In a blog post, the team explained that photographers may occasionally experience the presence of small 'dots' on their developed prints, something they don't consider a big problem but hope to address in time. They also explain that Type-D isn't very forgiving, and so photographers should "know what [they're] doing" when they use it.

If you do know what you're doing, you can get results like this:

Because the film is entirely produced within Russia, the price is low for international buyers: at only 230 rubles / $4 USD / 3.30 Euro / 3 GBP per roll. Probably as a result, the FOQUS website currently lists the film as out of stock.