PocketWizard customers who own the company's Plus III and/or Plus IV wireless triggers now have the option of upgrading to its new 'E Release' firmware. The software update brings a number of notable improvements, including increased range, improved reliability when sending and receiving signals, a Quad Zone Channels increase from 16 to 32, and 80 new Channels for use with Long Range Mode.

The range for both supported PocketWizard models running E Release firmware is doubled for triggering remote cameras and flashes; it is increased to up to 5 miles when used with radios in Long Range Mode.

Though the firmware is only available for the Plus III and Plus IV (FCC frequency) models at this time, PocketWizard says it plans to release the software update for its MultiMAX II, FlexTT5 for Nikon, FlexTT6 for Canon, and PowerMC2 models in the future. The E Release is available for units purchased in North America and South America; it cannot be used with CE frequency units.

Below is a video shared by PocketWizard showing how photographer Michael Heeney was able to capture a rock climber from four diffrent perspectives thanks in part to the upgraded firmware:

PocketWizard warns on its website that the firmware can only work with other radios that have also been upgraded with the E Release firmware. Upgraded PocketWizards can be downgraded back to the company's legacy firmware for use with radios that aren't running the new software.

Customers who want to upgrade will need to purchase a $9.99 USD E Release firmware license for each radio. PocketWizard customers who purchased one of the supported models from an authorized dealer in the US or Canada after September 1, 2019, can download the E Release firmware for free.