Camera+ now allows users to work with larger images such as this one, taken with the iOS panorama feature and edited it in Camera+. Photo by Lauren Crabbe.

One of the most simple manual photo apps for the reluctant iPhone photographer received an update today. Camera+ from Tap Tap Tap now has the ability to take, edit and save super large “high” quality images. The app previously only saved photos at 1.6MB in its “full” setting. The latest version of Camera+ renamed the “full” setting “normal” and introduced a new “high” quality setting. The new high quality setting exports photos at around 4.7MB. The pixel dimensions are exactly the same, but the file size is much larger. 

Camera+ has also improved its ability to handle atypical image sizes. iPhone users who have tried to use Camera+ to edit panorama photos in the past have run into problems importing, editing and exporting the long images.

Additionally, Camera+ has optimized its “front flash” feature because, as Tap Tap Tap says in its updated App Store description, “we care that you get the best results when you’re sexting.”