KitSplit is a peer-to-peer rental network for camera gear and is best described as the 'AirBnB' of the camera world. Photographers who need equipment at a specific location are put in touch with owners who are willing to rent their gear out, while KitSplit takes care of vetting, insurance and the logistics. The company was founded about a year ago in New York by photographers who were unhappy with equipment rental options and by now has approximately 5000 members, both individuals and companies, and $40 million worth of equipment available to rent.

The latter includes not only traditional cameras, but also drones and virtual reality gear. KitSplit says its services have been used by companies such as Condé Nast Entertainment, Hearst and NBC. After rapid growth in the New York area, KitSplit has now launched its first geographical expansion, to the Greater DC area, Philadelphia and Boston.

Social sharing has taken off in recent years, especially in the accommodation and car rental sectors, so it only makes sense to apply the same principles to camera and imaging equipment. We'll be interested how the company develops in the nearer future. More information about how KitSplit works can be found on the website.

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