T-Mobile to offer iPhone

At long last, U.S. phone carrier T-Mobile will now sell the iPhone without a contract.

U.S. cellular provider T-Mobile is hoping to make waves in the mobile world by removing service contracts. In the U.S., most cellular providers require customers to sign multi-year contracts when they purchase mobile devices. Companies lure in customers by integrating the price of their smartphones into a monthly contract payment so customers pay a tiny fraction of the cost of the device upfront, but are then locked into a long-term service agreement. Instead, T-Mobile will sell phones with either a full payment upfront or offer a payment plan.

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T-Mobile also announced that it will be selling Apple's iPhone. Currently in fourth place behind AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint, T-Mobile is also the last of the major U.S. carriers to get the iPhone. Along with the iPhone, T-Mobile will be selling the Galaxy S4, Blackberry Z10, Galaxy Note and HTC One.

 HTC One production slowed

The HTC One's production was stalled because of a component shortage for its camera.

Many mobile customers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the HTC One. The Taiwanese company has admitted that their latest flagship device is taking longer to produce because of its much-hyped camera technology. HTC's so-called "ultrapixel" technology is holding up production due to a camera component shortage and HTC's struggling relationships with its suppliers. Customers in the UK, Germany, and Taiwan can expect the HTC One this week, but other markets will have to wait until as late as the end of April for the devices.

Sony announces Xperia ZL pricing

The 13-megapixel Sony Xperia ZL with LTE is priced at $759.99. Without LTE, it costs $719.99.

Meanwhile, Sony's Xperia ZL phone will soon be available in the U.S. The LTE-capable Xperia ZL is now available for pre-sale at $759.99. The Xperia ZL has the same giant 5-inch screen and 13MP camera as the the Xperia Z that we had a hands-on with at CES earlier this year. Unfortunately for any clumsy American consumers, the Xperia ZL lacks the waterproofing of the Xperia Z.