Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop to run natively on Windows 10 ARM devices. The release requires a Windows 10 ARM device running Windows 10 64-bit v190141.488.0 (Win10 20H1) and a minimum of 8GB of RAM, although 16GB is recommended. It is important to note that if you intend to install 32-bit applications from Adobe, you should not install the 64-bit version of Creative Cloud required for the new ARM-compatible Photoshop update.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

As has been the case with native versions of Photoshop for Apple M1 machines, the first release of Photoshop for Windows ARM devices is not feature-complete. The omissions, which are fully outlined here, are mostly minor and will be addressed in subsequent releases. Features unavailable in the native mode include working with embedded video layers, the Shake Reduction filter, Invite to Edit workflows, Windows Dial Support, opening U3D files, starting Photoshop using Lightroom's 'Edit In' command, Plugin Marketplace and more. There are also a variety of known issues that Adobe is working to address, including instability, freezing and issues with printing.

Even with some issues and missing features, this is a major step forward for Adobe and finally answers the call of many Windows ARM users who have been wanting to use Photoshop on their devices. This week's release makes devices like Microsoft's Surface Pro X tablet a much more appealing option for photographers using Photoshop in their workflows.

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is a much more appealing machine to photographers now that Adobe Photoshop is available on the device.

Photoshop for Windows ARM devices has been a long time coming. The Surface Pro X was announced in 2019, and at the time, Adobe had promised Creative Cloud support on ARM64 devices. Beta testing didn't begin until November 2020. Now, seven months after beta testing began, a public release is available.

If you would like to try Photoshop for Windows ARM, it is available for download now.