Atlanta Film Co. has released Euphoric 100, its first-ever color reversal motion picture film stock that’s hand-rolled into standard 35mm canisters with 36-exposures.

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The motion picture film stock being used for Euphoric 100 is Eastman Kodak Color Reversal 5294/7294, better known as Ektachrome 100D. As is to be expected from an Ektachrome film stock, Euphoric offers a high-contrast, high-saturation aesthetic while maintaining fairly neutral skin tones. Atlanta Film Co. recommends photographing ‘EUPHORIC at ISO 100 in daylight (5500K) and ISO 25 tungsten (3200K) with an 80A daylight balancing filter.’

Euphoric 100 is names such because cinematographers, including Marcell Rév, used Eastman Kodak Color Reversal 5294 to shoot various scenes of the Emmy Award-winning television series ‘Euphoria.’ Atlanta Film Co. has partnered with Dunwoody Photo and is using Kodak Film Lab Atlanta processing services to process the rolls of Euphoric 100.

While the recommended process for Euphoric 100 is E-6, which results in a positive image, the film can also be cross-processed using ECN-2, which will turn the image into a negative and increase both grain and contrast. Atlanta Film Co. notes that cross-processing will ‘yield a green tone,’ but says it can be addressed fairly easily in the color grading process after being digitized.

Below is a sample gallery of images captured with Euphoric 100, provided by Atlanta Film Co.:

Atlanta Film Co. will offer both the E-6 and ECN-2 processing options. Color-corrected scans will also be available for an additional cost, should you want the lab to make the scans for you.

Euphoric 100 can be pre-ordered now for $13.49 per 36-exposure roll. The first orders should start shipping out on October 31, 2022. Atlanta Film Co. has shared a 32-minute Q&A session about Euphoric 100, which you can watch in its entirety on Instagram.