Sony has released information regarding the availability and price of its delayed 70-200mm GM lens for its E-mount system. The FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS was originally supposed to arrive in June or July this year, but the company announced it would be delayed until this month. The good news is that the lens will become available for sale on September 30th, but the bad news is that those orders could take up to three months to fulfill as Sony expects the lens to popular and that demand will out-strip supply for some time.

Sony has also said that the 2x converter that goes with the lens will be on sale at the same time, while the 1.4x model can be ordered at the end of October.

The company displays prices of 330,000 yen (approx $3300) for the lens and 70,000 yen (approx $700) for the 2x and 1.4x converter, though retailers are advertising the lens for the $2600/£2500 originally quoted.

For more information see the Sony website or see the translated version of the announcement.