You would have to be quite the optimist to have expected new models in Nikon's 1 series of 1" sensor mirrorless system cameras being launched any time soon. Despite camera manufacturers hardly ever announcing a product line's end-of-life, the 1-series phase-out is now pretty much official.

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German camera website produces buying guides in e-book form, and the production process for those guides includes research into what models are still available to order by retailers and what is being discontinued. While updating their guide for mirrorless system cameras, the guys at found that the Nikon 1 AW and 1 V3 are no longer available to order. The Nikon 1 J5 is still available, but only while supplies last.

So, what has been obvious for quite some time seems more likely today: the Nikon 1 system may be reaching its end (see statement below).

The question is what's next for Nikon in terms of mirrorless cameras? Thanks to an official Nikon statement we know that the company is working on a new mirrorless system. We'd expect the new cameras to come with a larger sensor than the Nikon 1 models, but at this point Nikon has not made information on specifications or features available.

Update: Nikon has responded to our request for comment, saying "Nikon continues to produce and sell the Nikon 1 line. We cannot comment on future product or speculation."