Today, Apple is pushing live its iOS 14.3 update which, amongst other improvements, adds the ability to shoot Apple’s new ProRAW format using its new iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max smartphones.

As mentioned in our original news of the release, Apple ProRAW is a new format that combines the benefits of Apple’s Deep Fusion and Smart HDR technology with the editing flexibility of a Raw file. Specifically, the DNG-based file will enable extra creative control in regards to white balance, exposure, tone-mapping and more.

This new file format will likely be similar to the Raw capabilities Google offers with its Pixel smartphones, but we anticipate the workflow to be more user-friendly, as Raw images taken with Pixel devices took quite a bit of work to achieve pleasing results. Some third-party iOS camera apps, such as Halide Mark II, have already been updated with ProRAW support.

Below is a sample image, captured with the latest Halide beta, that shows just how much detail can be recovered when captured using the new ProRAW format. The developers of the app will also be publishing a deep-dive into the new format on their website tomorrow, so keep an eye out for a technical rundown.

To update to iOS (or iPadOS) 14.3, head to Settings > General > Software Update.