Syrp has unveiled Genie Mini II, a sequel to the original pocket-sized camera motion controller introduced in 2016. The second generation model retains the same general design and features as the original, but with the inclusion of USB-C instead of micro USB, Bluetooth 4.2 instead of Bluetooth 4.0, and WiFi.

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The Genie Mini II offers the same portable panning functionality as the original, enabling filmmakers to capture smooth motion in real time and photographers to capture time-lapses. The motion control system supports multi-row panorama capture, offers Astro Time-Lapse and HDR modes, and offers an Ease In/Ease Out feature.

The device works with Syrp’s Genie 2 app for Android and iOS offering keyframed motion control in addition to various presets for easily initiating shooting sessions. According to Syrp, the new Bluetooth 4.2 support makes it possible for advanced users to ‘advantage of more complex, custom motion control settings and multi-row panoramas to create 360/VR images.’

The Genie Mini II, which has a total load capacity of 3.9kg (8.8lbs), is designed to sandwich between a tripod and camera. The device is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery capable of powering six hours of continuous smooth panning, an increase from the previous version’s five hours, or up to a 15-hour time-lapse, a noticeable decrease from the original’s 24-hour duration. The new model has a max 360-degree capture speed of 33 seconds.

Syrp has launched the Genie Mini II for pre-order at the same $249 price as the original model.