Skylum has updated its photo editing software Luminar to version 3.1.1, bringing improvements and new features to both the Windows and Mac versions of the application. The company says the new version of its software improves navigation on Windows and Mac by enabling users to right-click on an image and go straight to the folder in which it is stored.

For Windows users, right-clicking on an image also now presents the option to view other images that were taken on the same day. Skylum presents these two features as a way to easily find other content that may be related to a current project, such as other images taken during the same photo shoot.

For Mac users, Luminar version 3.1.1 can create albums faster and now supports changing the software's language independent of the operating system's settings. Both the Windows and Mac versions of the software have received launch time improvements, as well, drastically reducing the software's startup time.

Luminar version 3.1.1 is available now. Windows users can find the update by clicking 'Help > Check for update' in the top toolbar; Mac users can update by clicking 'Check for updates' in the Luminar 3 menu option in the system's top bar.